Overview of the Ruins of 
the Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine

Omori zone

The streets of the Omori Zone were laid out after Takemura Tango (Second Commissioner of Iwami Ginzan under the Tokugawa Shogunate) established the Magistrate's Office at its current location. Gradually, samurai and merchant residences were built, as well as offices and inns that took care of visitors to the Magistrate's Office, creating a townscape that characterized the area.

Omori zone

Omori zone
Kigami-jinja Shrine

Miyanomae Area

Shogenji Temple

Former Magistrate's Office 
(Iwami Ginzan Museum)

 House of the Kumagai Family
 (Important Cultural Property)

Kawashima Residence

Gohyakurakan (Rakan-ji Temple)
Stone Buddhist Statues